two dreams.

getting off work.  you say, “you doing anything tonight?”  i reply, “not really.  going home.”  ”my friend is having a bonfire,” you respond.  i give you a yearning look and you respond with, “i only want to go if i can go as your girl.”  we walk in together, holding hands.


there was a weekend-long retreat, boys and girls.  i met a boy, about my own age (18 years or so), and we clicked; the conversation was good.  a week after arriving home, his mother and sister, and a man, about 25, showed up at my apartment to discuss who i should be in a relationship with.  the mother and sister are vying for the boy, while the man is trying to make his own case.  they discuss all the reasons i should be with one or the other.  i keep thinking: if i am meant to be with one or the other, why didn’t either of them ask for my number?  why didn’t they ask me out on a date?  why didn’t they tell me their names?  and what about what i want?  i go outside.  it is winter, but it is not cold.  i clear the soft, powdery, warm snow off the back steps of the house.  i see jack skellington, about 9 inches tall, encased in ice.  i break him free, then am called back inside.  i say, “i choose neither.  please leave.”  i am left alone.


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